If you have a fire or water emergency, please call us now at (303) 973-4664

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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Count on SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl to Help Restore Your Home after Storm Damage.

Storms oftentimes lead to water damage, whether it’s in the roof, the floors, or both, and we can help. From water damage to mold damage, at SERVPRO® of Lakewood-Ken Caryl, we can remediate storm damage in your home.

SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl 

Storms can happen almost any time of the year, but whether they start with snow or rain, the result is often water damage (which is okay we suppose, as no one wants the inside to be cold enough to allow a snow fort to stay solid).

When you find that storm damage has slammed into your Victoria Village home, call us at 303-279-8055.

Call as soon as you can because the damage will keep getting worse.

At SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl, we know how to remediate the different types of damage storms leave behind. This week, we’re focusing on water damage and microbial growth, usually mold. 

Water damage is not one of those things that we can ignore into non-existence. We haven’t found one of those problems yet, but some things – like water damage – get worse over time rather than just staying merely awful. Adding damage to the damage:

  • It doesn’t take long at all for the water damage to get worse.
  • After 24 to 48 hours of constant exposure to water, the ever-present mold spores open, and mold colonies start growing.
  • Mold damage also keeps getting worse over time, and the “worse” gets worse rapidly.

Water Damage and Mold

Water: the same substance we rely upon for life is also a force for destruction. There’s something poetic about that, isn’t there?

Water will:

  • Run to the lowest level, although it may appear to defy gravity when sponge-like materials absorb it (such as drywall).
  • Shred insulation, drywall, carpet pads, paper, some fabrics.
  • Turn paper and photographs translucent (don’t worry; we can help restore them to legibility).
  • Stain metal appliances, flatware, and other materials.
  • Bleed dyes or stains from upholstery or other materials, staining carpets or furniture.
  • Stain or split wood.
  • Bring out the existing aromas in the house (notice we wrote “aromas” instead of “smells”).
  • Blister paint.
  • Damage wallpaper, window treatments.
  • Delaminate flooring or layered materials.

We’ve already told you how water can provide a hospitable environment for mold.

Mold grows by eating its way through your house.

  • Really
  • Whatever mold is on is what it is eating.
  • The bigger the colony, the more it eats.
  • The more it eats, the bigger the colony.

SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl to the Rescue!

Count on us to:

  • Extract the water.
  • Dry the structure and your belongings.
  • Get rid of all excess moisture.
  • Disinfect all surfaces, even those you can’t see (air vents, crawl spaces, etc.)
  • Remediate damage.
  • Kill mold and remove the mold colonies.
  • Help restore your home and belongings to their pre-damage conditions.


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SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl