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Covid Cleaning in a Littleton Office Building

Covid Cleaning in a Littleton Office Building

When a local Littleton office building had a Covid case within their walls, they had to make sure it was clean for their staff and their clients. Our team here at SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl went in on a Saturday afternoon, when the office was close to completely clean the entire space.  We wiped down surfaces, cleaned the floors, as well as the air.  And because we went in on a Saturday, they lost no production time! 

Content cleaning after a flood loss

Content cleaning after a flood loss

After a flood loss, your belongings can become wet and damaged.  Our team goes in to clean and dry every last thing that was affected.  Sometimes we bring your belongings into our warehouse for cleaning, other times we clean and dry onsite as the picture shows. 

Digging out a crawls space after water damage

Digging out a crawl space after water damage

When a basement flood, sewage backup, or any water damage happens to your home, it is important that every nook and cranny becomes clean and dry.  When sewage backed up in a local Morrison house, it got into their crawlspace that was filled with dirt.  The dirt had to be dug out by our team wearing full PPE's.  

Content Cleaning After a Fire

Content Cleaning After a Fire

When soot and smoke ravished a local Lakewood home, our team went in to clear it up. When there is a fire in a kitchen, lets say, the smoke can travel all over the house. it can seep into your upholstery, furniture, blankets, carpets, walls, etc.  We have specially designed tools and chemicals to draw out the hidden smoke and soot. If you have fire, smoke, or soot damage in your home, call us today! (303) 973-4664

SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl Truck at a Mold Mitigation

SERVPRO of Lakewood-Ken Caryl Truck at a Mold Mitigation

SERVPRO removes and mitigates mold.  Here we are at a local Golden home eliminating the mold from behind some drywall of a bathroom.  Water was getting trapped from the tub piping causing mold growth.  Call us today for your mold estimate (303)973-4664

Lakewood Ken-Caryl Office

Lakewood Ken-Caryl Office

This is Kit! She is our front of office guru. She handles files, billing, general organization, client relations, and so much more. 

Man on the Job

On-site Technician for a Fire in Lakewood

After a fire loss created water damage as well, the SERVPRO team of Lakewood/Ken Caryl went out on a mission.  First priority was to clean up the water so that mold growth did not start.  After, it was packing out and cleaning up walls of soot and smoke.  Content was cleaned off site as well as on site, and the residential home was restored to like new.  Call us today if you experience a fire or water loss in your home (303)279-4664

SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl Family

SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl Family

SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl isn't just a team, we are like family.  We spend the day together, working on cleaning up disaster and making peoples lives a better place.  Tell us a better way to bond than to serve your community with friends.  SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl specializes in fire, flood, and mold remediation and restoration.  We also do general cleanings, Covid-19 cleanings, carpet cleaning, biohazard cleanup, sewage clean, and so much more.  Call us today for any of your restoration needs and become part of the family (303) 973-4664.

Restoration in Lakewood Ken-Caryl - image of green SERVPRO vehicles

Restoration in Lakewood Ken-Caryl

SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl specializes in fire, flood, and mold remediation at the residential and commercial level. And they do not stop there! They also do Covid cleanup, general cleaning, carpet cleaning, HVAC and Air duct cleaning, board ups, biohazard cleaning, sewage cleanup, and so much more! Call us at SERVPRO of Lakewood Ken-Caryl for any of your water loss, fire loss, mold loss, or any restoration needs (303) 973-4664

SERVPRO of Lakewood is Part Woman Owned - blonde female employee at desk

We are Part Woman Owned

Christine is a kind, supportive, intelligent, and warm boss. She lights up the office each and every day with her bubbly personality and smile. Christine's favorite color is pink, her favorite desert is brownies, and she brings her two dogs to the office everyday. She has two adult children and is a grandma to one little boy. She is local to Colorado, growing up in Sedalia. She now lives in Evergreen with her husband, their springer spaniel, and their Goldendoodle. Christine has owned SERVPRO since 2012 and originally got into the business in order to serve the community she lives in. Disasters always happen and she wanted to be there to help those in a stressful situation.

Mold in a Ken Caryl Home - employee spraying a disinfectant in PPE

Mold in a Ken-Caryl Home

We have mold on the mind over here at SERVPRO of Golden. Lots of calls have been rolling in for mold removal. Mold can grow as quick as 48-72 hours after a water loss has occurred. Maybe you sink was dripping and you didn’t know. Or you may have had a leak in the roof causing mold to form in the attic. Mold is never fun or good for our health. So, it is important to address ASAP. If you suspect mold in your home or office, give us a call. We are open 24/7 365 days a year.

Water Loss in Lakewood

Water Loss in Lakewood

A water loss in Lakewood cause a basement to flood with several inches of water after a toilet line broke while a family was out of town.  Because they were not there to catch or monitor the loss, the water resulted in mold growth in the drywall of the home and some of the furniture.  SERVPRO of Lakewood and Ken-Caryl came to the rescue.  We quickly dried the water from the floor, walls, and belongings.  We also immediately mitigated the mold, completely eliminating it.  The Lakewood home was brought back to "Like it never even happened," condition.

Evergreen Water Damage

Water Damage in the Winter

SERVPRO of Lakewood/Ken-Caryl were on site quick to a water loss at the Comfort Suites in Evergreen CO.  The owner was impressed we were there at night to start the process then worked through the weekend....

Spring Storm Damage in Ken-Caryl

Ken-Caryl Storm Damage

Storm damage doesn’t always mean high winds and torrential rain.

Spring storm damage can fall softly on the roof. The roof you are trying to have repaired. Repairs that have not been finished yet. Snow melts, water finds the easiest route down, through the ceiling in this case.

A phone call to SERVPRO Lakewood/Ken-Caryl brought immediate help. Call 303-973-4664 for your spring storm needs.

Lakewood Mold Mitigation

Mold Mitigation in Lakewood

When mold is found in a home, does the homeowner have to remove it? Mold, if left unmitigated, will spread. And spread, and spread. Mold can cause health effects but mold will definitely derail a sale of the home.

If the mold is removed BEFORE it spreads, costs are kept lower. If mold is allowed to spread…the expenses to mitigate just grow with the mold.

Once mold is found, our technicians create containment, remove the molded materials, dry the space and scrub the air thus preventing the spread of the mold.

Call SERVPRO Lakewood/Ken-Caryl at 303-973-4664 for professional mold mitigation.

Smoke Damage From House Fire

Littleton House Fire

A home fire is a frightening thing. We tend to think of the flames, the heat, the smoke and soot.

More damage than that is often waiting though. How was the fire extinguished? Was it put out with water? Is your home now facing a water loss as well as a fire loss? Was it quelled with suppression? Which chemicals? Is this now a fire loss and a hazardous materials loss? The only answer you need to know is “Who do I call?” the answer is SERVPRO Lakewood/Ken-Caryl! We have the training, experience and equipment to test, assess and begin the process of making it “Like it never even happened.”  24 hours a day/ 7 days a week/365 days a year call 303-973-4664

Fire Mitigation in Colorado Springs, CO

After a fire was started in the boys bathroom of a school in Colorado Springs, SERVPRO was hired to fully clean and restore the school to pre-loss conditions within a 3-day time period. SERVPRO was able to restore the materials within the time frame and school resumed as planned.